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WoodUpp LED Lighting solution installation guide

Designed in Denmark

Installation of our LED strips:

Watch the following videos for step by step guides of how our product can be installed.

LED installation – follow along

Technical Specifications:

  • Light Output: 3000 Kelvin, providing a nice, bright light.
  • Power Consumption: Each strip consumes 20 watts. A 60-watt driver can support up to three strips.
  • Length: Each strip is a maximum of 240 cm, with adjustable lengths based on your needs.
  • Safety Features: Includes a safety switch to prevent overheating, ensuring safe operation.
  • Smart Home Support: Connects with Phillips Hue for automation and scene control, and supports Google Home and Alexa in the US. Future-proof with Matter protocol possibilities.

Product Information:

Our professional LED lights have been developed with simplicity in focus. The WoodUpp LED Lighting solution is a “plug and play solution”, and the consumer needs no tools for installation. Seamlessly integrate lighting with existing smart home systems like Philips Hue, Google Home, and Alexa.

All contents are CE certified.

We use high-quality LEDs that provide bright, consistent light at 3000 Kelvin. This ensures a pleasant and uniform lighting experience.

Our LEDs are designed to be invisible when turned off, maintaining the sleek and seamless look of your Akupanels at all times.

Avoid Overheating: Do not install the LED strips behind the panels to prevent the driver from overheating.

Cutting the LED

Installation guide of how to cut your LED strip:

Watch the following video for a step by step guide of how to cut the LED strips.

Cut the LED strips – follow along

Cut your LED’s in length with a knife by the cutting lines on the back of the LED strip. When the strip has been cut insert the end cap. Now you are ready to mount your LED strip into your wall.

Connect remote to LED

How to connect the remote control to LED setup:

Watch the following video for a step by step guide of connecting your remote control.

Connect your remote control – follow along

Remote package contains:

  • 1 pc. remote control
  • 1 box w. WoodUpp Zink bracket
  • 1 bag w. 2 phillips screws (M5-10mm) for use in mounting the backplate for the holder on the remote control of your zinc bracket.

Connect by holding down the connection button on the driver for around 8 seconds. As soon as the LED lights are ready to be connected to the remote control they will flicker. When the LED lights are flickering click the on button on the remote control. The lights should stop flickering and the connection has been made.

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